There are many ways you can raise your concerns. You can complete this online form, give us a call, or send us an email or letter. You may also wish to consider using your bank's internal whistleblowing process.

We offer anonymous reporting. You can choose whether you provide us with any information that identifies you.

We will prepare a report from the information you share with us. It will not include your personal information such as name and contact details unless you want it to.

With your consent, we will send the report to the bank involved so they can review your concern. They may carry out an investigation if appropriate. If you do not agree to us reporting to the bank, we can only provide you with general information about alternative ways you may raise your concern.

You can decide whether you'd like to be kept updated, or if you'd prefer not to be contacted. If you'd like to remain involved, we will be in touch within one business day to let you know what happens next.