We can pass on concerns about actual or suspected wrongdoing involving a participating bank. The concerns can be about an individual, team or area within a bank or about a bank’s actions within the sector generally. We expect you to believe that what you are telling us is true or likely to be true.


What sorts of concerns can be raised?

Banks must review reports of wrongdoing occurring within their bank. Wrongdoing is unlawful, dishonest, or improper behaviour or practices. This includes: 

  • criminal activity
  • misuse of funds
  • improper conduct or behaviour
  • workplace bullying or harassment
  • anti-competitive behaviour
  • falsified records
  • reprisal or disadvantage as a result of whistleblowing.

A more detailed list can be found in our terms of reference

If you are not sure whether you should report wrongdoing, you can contact us to discuss your concerns. We may direct you to alternative organisations to help you.

We cannot give legal advice to whistleblowers, nor can we award compensation or damages.